Take Action with AIPRO

Whether on the national or state level, we need to make certain our united voice is heard. From time to time, we ask AIPRO members to contact state and federal elected officials. Members’ help in urging them to protect domestic energy producers can make all the difference in defeating bad ideas or implementing good ones.

Arkansas Energy Political Action Committee

The PAC provides our industry the opportunity to give meaningful support to candidates for state office who will best represent our interests. Energy issues have played a large role in recent legislative calendars, and support of the Arkansas Energy PAC ensures that AIPRO remains a part of the discussion. For information about contribution limits and tax credits, please contact our office.

To ensure the success of this new program, we need the support of our members, which includes individuals, businesses and corporations. Download and complete this Arkansas Energy PAC form; make your checks payable to Arkansas Energy PAC; and send to 1401 West Capitol, Suite 440, Little Rock, AR 72201.

Arkansas Energy Political Action Committee Logo

Community Presentations

As part of our effort to share our message and educate the public about Arkansas’s oil and natural gas community, AIPRO provides speakers to community organizations. Contact AIPRO if you would like to schedule a presentation.